3 Annoying Plumbing Problems And Their Possible Solutions


Water is essential for human life -- but sometimes it's also a royal pain. If strange water problems in your household have you searching for answers, here are some possible solutions to three such annoyances.

1. Wash Water that Doesn't Wash

If you or your clothes actually seem less clean after washing than before, then you may have a problem with mineral deposits in your wash water. Dissolved calcium and magnesium can turn soap, shampoo, or laundry detergent into a sticky "soap curd" that refuses to rinse away, leaving washed items (including your skin and hair) stiff and dull looking. To make matters worse, the minerals can build up on the insides of your plumbing pipes as a solid substance known as limescale, narrowing the pipes' diameter and prohibiting normal water flow. This, of course, only makes it even more difficult to wash anything properly.

The good news is that your plumbing repair specialist can help you solve this problem by adding a water softener to your plumbing system. Water softeners are brine-filled tanks that contain negatively-charged beads. Positively-charged calcium and magnesium cling to the beads; positively-charged sodium ions then knock the unwanted minerals out of the water to claim their own place on the beads. The dislodged minerals are dumped, and the process repeats continuously to ensure that you always have a wash-friendly water supply. 

You can often remove accumulated limescale from your plumbing pipes or fixtures by applying a combination of vinegar and water and/or lemon juice. If this tactic fails, ask your plumber to evaluate the situation and employ stronger measures as needed.

2. Failing Faucets

If your faithful faucet has lost its ability to supply you with a steady stream of water, the first thing you should do is find out whether the other faucets in the house have followed suit. If only one faucet is having problems, then you may need only a simple pluming repair to that unit or the pipe that serves it. If your entire plumbing seems to be affected, however, then you may have a broken or blocked sewer line. Sewer repair specialists can use fiber optic cameras to inspect the sewer line and replace the affected portion.

3. Undrinkable Drinking Water

If the taste, sight or smell of your drinking water has you buying the bottled variety on your grocery runs, it's time to isolate the cause of the inconvenience. Each sensory reaction hints at different possible culprits.

  • Foul taste - Foul-tasting but otherwise clear water can be a seasonal phenomenon. Algae overgrowth in local water supplies can cause temporary changes in the taste of your water, especially in the spring and summer months. If your have a year-round case of the "yucks," however, you may need to attach a water filter to remove chlorine or dissolved minerals on an ongoing basis.
  • Foul-looking - Brown or dirty-looking water in your drinking glass means rust somewhere along the pipelines -- but where? If you can get the water to turn clear after running the tap for a while, then your own pipes may need replacing by a plumbing repair specialist. If the water is always rusty, then the problem stems from the city water supply. Fortunately, rusty water is safe to drink unless you suffer from a health condition that involves how the body handles iron, such as hemochromatosis. (Rusty water in your washing machine means that your water heater may need the attention of a heating repair tech.)
  • Foul-smelling - Nobody wants to drink water that smells like rotten eggs. This problem usually starts when a component in your water tank called a sacrificial anode begins to fail, releasing hydrogen gas that encourages bacterial growth in the tank. Your plumbing services tech can clean out the tank and replace the failed sacrificial anode.

Now that you have a better general idea of the meaning behind your mysterious water problem, don't just stew about it -- solve it by contacting the appropriate heating services provider, air conditioning repair service, or plumbing services specialist! Hop over to this web-site for more information. 


10 April 2015

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