What You Need To Know About Portable Air Conditioners For Your Home


With the average national temperatures climbing steadily from year to year, it's no surprise that more and more people may be considering an investment in air conditioning. If you're thinking about it yourself but have a house without the necessary air ducts for a central air system, that doesn't mean that you are out of luck. In fact, with portable air conditioners, you can still keep things cool and comfortable. Here is an overview of portable air conditioners and their benefits to help you decide if they are right for you.

How They Work

Most portable air conditioners rely on a coolant to help chill the air. Inside the air conditioner is a compressor, a thermostat, coils and insulation. The coolant product goes through the compressor, then it evaporates and cycles back through the system in a perpetual cycle to cool air that's drawn through the vents.

During its operation, a portable air conditioner will draw moisture out of the air to help cool it. This water is collected inside the system and is used to keep the coils inside the air conditioner cool. Then, the water is drained through the discharge hose.

The Best Spaces for Portable Air Conditioners

These units work well in a variety of settings, including spaces where it just isn't feasible to install central air. Whether you're just looking to cool one room or you have a space where central air won't work, portable air conditioners are versatile and functional.

The Advantages of a Portable Air Conditioning Units

Portable air conditioning units have many advantages, and understanding those benefits will help you decide if they are right for you. Here are some of the reasons to consider this type of air conditioning.

Easy to Install

Portable air conditioning units are easy to install, and they don't require an HVAC certification. The only thing you'll need to be concerned with is ensuring that there's a vent for the air to exhaust from.

Affordable Cooling

Since portable air conditioners are smaller and more compact than other cooling systems, they are typically more affordable as well. In addition to the affordability of the unit itself, you also save significantly on the installation costs and associated fees.

Flexible Use

Since these air conditioners are portable, they also give you more flexibility for cooling. You'll be able to move the air conditioner from room to room if necessary. This saves you from having to invest in several units as you would have to for a window-mount air conditioner. Most portable air conditioning units even have caster wheels on the bottom of them to make them easy to move.

Ideal for Small Spaces

When you live in a smaller space such as a condominium or an apartment, your landlord may be hesitant to permit you to install window air conditioning units. Window air conditioners leave properties vulnerable to potential break-ins, water damage and other similar concerns. If your landlord is discouraging you from investing in window air conditioners, you'll have better luck investing in portable air conditioning units instead. Since you don't mount them in your window and they aren't installed permanently, your landlord will never have to be concerned about the risks.

As you can see, portable air conditioners are a great option for many situations, especially when you need something that's going to be versatile enough to meet your needs. Now that you understand the advantages of portable air conditioning, you're in a better position to evaluate it as an option. Talk to an air conditioning technician who can assess your home and help you determine if this is the best cooling option or if something else would be a better fit. You can also visit http://rbincorporated.com/ to learn more. 


23 April 2015

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