Quiet House: 4 Plumbing Repairs To Help Reduce Noise In The Home


It may seem like your home is haunted. It may seem like when you're looking for that brief quiet moment, some type of little noise disrupts the whole mood. There are several noises in your home that can be directly related to the plumbing. Toilets, sinks, and water pipes are just a few of the culprits responsible for these loud and irritating noises. Just dealing with the noises can be a pain. This is where a plumber comes in. A professional plumbing contractor can provide you with great repairs that will ensure your plumbing operates correctly and eliminates the extra noises in your home. Learning about these repairs can make you aware of your own problems and help you choose the best repairs possible.

Banging Water Pipes

One of the noisiest and most common plumbing problems in a home is a process referred to as a water hammer. This is when a surge of water makes contact with the side of a pipe and creates a very loud noise. This often happens when turning on or turning a sink or bath. To help eliminate these noises, a plumber can install a special water-hammer arrester in your home. These arresters can be added in multiple locations. They offer an easy way to limit the water noise and prevent the hammer effect from happening. Once installed, an arrester can provide instant relief, and the extra part is typically maintenance-free.

Water Pipe Mounting

Along with pipes noise caused by water hammer, there are also noises that may come when pipes are not properly mounted. Loose water pipes may create a shaking or vibration that echoes throughout the home. The vibration can get worse when water quickly rushes through the pipes. A plumber can help mount the pipes and reduce the noise. Not only will this make your home quieter, but it can help prevent extra damage to water pipes. If a water pipe becomes too loose, it can fall off and become too damaged and spring a leak. This would create a disaster and a huge clean up for your home.

Toilet Tank Dripping

Every time you enter the bathroom, you may hear the annoying sound of the toilet tank dripping. This sound can become tedious and often doesn't stop even after you have flushed the toilet. One of the main reasons that this can occur is because of failing equipment inside of the tank. At first, the plumber will try to fix the part. If that does not work, then the parts on the inside of the toilet will have to be replaced. Not only can the annoying dripping sound be removed from your home, but you will help save a lot of water in the process. The dripping is actually coming from the inlet hose wasting extra water all day long as it drips.

Rumbling Water Heater

Another area that may make noise in your home is the hot water heater. It's extremely convenient to have hot water in your home, but it can become a hassle if your hot water heater rumbles every time it is producing hot water. One way to help with this is to hire a plumber to clean out the hot water heater. Over time, sediment can build up on the sides of the hot water heater and create the rumbling sounds by vibrating as water rushes in. When the sediment is cleaned and removed, the water tank can easily work to remove sediment and reduce any issues with the noise. The mounting of the hot water heater can also be adjusted to help reduce vibrations.

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6 February 2017

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