When Your Furnace Is Making Noise: Furnace Repair And Keeping Your Furnace Efficient


When you hear noises coming from your furnace, there are a number of reasons for the sounds emanating from your basement. Strange sounds usually mean that your furnace needs to have routine maintenance, or that there is an issue that needs to be addressed. While the furnace isn't going to run silently, and there will be a few noises when the furnace is running, when you hear loud banging, clanging, or squealing noises that are new, it's time to have your furnace serviced by a professional. You should have your furnace checked at the beginning of each heating season to ensure your system is running efficiently.

Your Furnace Booms When it Turns On

It's pretty normal to hear a quick booming noise when your furnace first turns on, but if the noise is loud, it's time to have your furnace maintained. If you have an older furnace, the noise can be from gas building up because the ignition is delayed. The sound is actually built up gas finally igniting, causing a small explosion. If you also smell gas in your basement, you may have a problem with your furnace that needs to be addressed immediately.

You Can Hear Your Furnace Clicking as It Tries to Turn On

When you hear a clicking noise as your furnace is trying to engage, this is a problem that requires service right away. The clicking sound can be due to a flame sensor that is faulty, or because the gas and ignition are not working together properly. If the problem is the ignition and too much gas accumulates, you can end up with an explosion of the gas that has built up and the ignition finally works.

There are Squealing Noises When Your Furnace is On

Your furnace includes a variety of working parts, and when a belt is fault or your fan motor is starting to fail, you will need a technician to come and take care of the problem. While these are basic fixes, you don't want your furnace to break down because you didn't take care of these problems. A squealing noise may not be an emergency, but should be repaired to avoid a break down.

Your Furnace is Rattling When it is Running

When your furnace begins to rattle, there are probably some worn down parts within the fan or the motor. While some rattling is normal for an older furnace, if the noise gets louder this could indicate that your furnace is failing. Call your HVAC company, like http://robinsonheatingandcooling.com/, to assess the efficiency of your furnace to determine if the rattling isn't a big issue at this time.


7 March 2017

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