3 Reasons To Add Central Air To Your Home


If you own a home that doesn't already have central air, you may be on the fence about whether or not to take the plunge and have central AC installed. For most homeowners, adding central air conditioning significantly improves their family's quality of life and year-round comfort while also boosting home value, making it a worthwhile investment. Here are three compelling reasons to add central air conditioning to your home:

Adding Central AC Makes Your Home More Valuable

Central air can boost your home's value because prospective buyers tend to find homes with centralized AC more appealing. If your home is older, when you go to sell it someday you may find that buyers like the charm of your home while being reluctant to buy because it may not be as comfortable as a more recently constructed home. By adding the modern convenience of central air conditioning, your house will offer the best of both worlds, improving its value and making it easier to sell when the time comes.

Central AC Provides Consistent Comfort

If you have been relying on window air conditioning units, fans, or a swamp cooler to cool down your home in the summer, you are probably accustomed to unreliable and unpredictable coolness throughout your home. Some rooms may stay cool enough in the summer, while other parts of your home may be sweltering. Your non-centralized cooling solutions may work fine when it's just a bit warm outside, but leave your house uncomfortably hot when the temperatures rise.

Central AC cools your entire home in a reliably and uniformly.  Instead of dreading summer's heat, you will rest easy knowing your entire home is cool and comfortable no matter how hot it gets outside. 

Central AC Can Improve Your Air Quality

Central AC is unique because it pumps air through a series of ducts and filters before releasing the cooled air into your home. As long as you get into the habit of changing your air conditioner filters regularly, your home's air quality will improve. Before the air from your home is cooled and recirculated, it will pass through filters which remove dust, pet dander, pollen, and dirt. This is especially important if anyone in your family suffers from seasonal allergies, respiratory conditions, or asthma. 

By adding central air conditioning to your home, you and your family can experience these benefits and begin enjoying a more comfortable home right away.

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16 June 2017

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