5 Clear Signs Your Air Conditioner Could Use Some Service


Being without air conditioning during the summer can be a harsh experience for just about anyone, especially with temperatures set to climb even higher in the coming weeks. While sudden breakdowns are not uncommon, most times you can tell when your air conditioner is in danger of breaking down before a breakdown actually happens.

By watching out for the signs mentioned below, you can have your air conditioner promptly serviced and head off any impending breakdowns that could occur otherwise.

You're Getting Air, But It's Not Cool Air

Keep in mind the cooling comfort you get from your air conditioner isn't instantaneous. It may take a few minutes before your air conditioner is able to bring your home's indoor temperatures down to your desired settings. If the air you getting out of your vents still feels warm after a few minutes, no matter how low you set your thermostat temperatures, then chances are you may be dealing with an air conditioning issue.

There are plenty of issues that could lead to your air conditioner blowing warm air. For example, a refrigerant leak can rob your unit of its ability to cool your home's indoor spaces properly. A faulty thermostat can also get in the way of your air conditioner's cooling performance.

You're Not Getting Much Air From Your Vents

You may be getting cool air out of your vents, but the amount of air being pushed out isn't much. If you're getting weak airflow out of your air conditioner, then it may have something to do with your ductwork, blower fan or even your air conditioner's air filter:

  • A failing blower fan motor or a damaged blower fan can significantly reduce the amount of air being circulated through your air conditioning system.
  • A clogged filter can inadvertently block air from passing through your air conditioner, creating weak airflow throughout the entire system.
  • Rips, tears or even entire panels that have been disconnected can redirect airflow into unconditioned spaces in between walls and other areas, causing poor airflow issues elsewhere.

Your Air Conditioner Begins Short Cycling

Short cycling is what happens when your air conditioner starts up, stops, and then restarts within a very brief period of time, usually in the span of just minutes. This frequent stopping and restarting can put a tremendous amount of strain on your compressor and other air conditioning components, eventually leading to total equipment failure.

You Keep Hearing Strange Noises

Strange noises are another common indicator of impending air conditioner problems. Fortunately, it's easy to diagnose common issues based on the type of noise you're hearing from your unit:

  • A squealing noise most likely means that a belt driving your blower fan has slipped out of position. It could also mean there's a rotating component that's in dire need of lubrication.
  • Grinding noises can be caused by bearing failure in your compressor or blower fan motor or some other form of metal-to-metal contact.
  • Banging noises may be caused by a bent or broken component. For example, a bent blower fan blade can create banging noises as it comes into contact with its housing.

Your HVAC technician will likely have a keener ear for diagnosing air conditioning issues based on sound, so it's a good idea to call one as soon as you hear anything out of the ordinary. For the best heating and air conditioning, always call in an HVAC professional to service your system.

Your Air Conditioner Keeps Springing a Leak

Leaks are something you'd normally associate with plumbing problems, but it can happen to your air conditioning system, as well. A clogged condensate tray can cause condensate collected from normal A/C operations to accumulate and eventually overflow, creating a water leak near your air conditioning unit. Broken or disconnected drain pipes can also cause unexpected leaks.


10 July 2017

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