3 Reasons To Call An AC Service In The Spring


For most areas in the United States, your air conditioning will mainly be used during the summer months. While this may spill over into spring and fall, it generally won't cover these entire seasons. Because it is crucial to have air conditioning during the summer months, it is an excellent idea to call an AC service, such as Dick  Kearsley Service Center, in the spring. This article will discuss 3 reasons why this can be so beneficial. 

Ensure That It Is Functioning Properly

The last thing that you want is to turn your air conditioning unit on to cool off on a hot day, only to realize that it isn't functioning as it should. By having your air conditioning unit fully inspected, cleaned, and otherwise tuned up each spring, you ensure that it will function properly for you when it really counts, in the dead heat of summer. You can also help to extend the life of your air conditioning system because the HVAC contractor who works on your system will make sure that it is kept clean, they will replace filters when necessary, the will replace coils, make sure the system has enough coolant, and anything else that needs done to keep the system functioning as it should.

Easier To Schedule A Service 

If you think ahead and schedule to have your air conditioning system serviced in the spring, then you will likely be able to get right in for an appointment because not many people are thinking about their air conditioning units at this time. However, if you try to call in the middle of summer, you may have to wait days or even weeks before you can have your AC serviced because the HVAC contractors are so backed up with trying to help everyone with their air conditioning units. 

Easier Access To Replacement Parts

Just as it may be more difficult to schedule a service during the summer time, it can also be more difficult for AC professionals to get their hands on the parts needed to repair your air conditioning unit, or even to just get it functioning optimally. If you need a coil in the spring then it will likely be right in stock, but if you need it in summer when everyone else needs one, then you may have to suffer through a few days of not having air conditioning while you wait for the part to be shipped. This can be very miserable and is best avoided, if at all possible. 


19 July 2017

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