Knowing How To Recognize A Highly Efficient AC Unit


If you want to keep your cooling costs down, you need to choose the most efficient AC unit you can find. Instead of trying to understand the language used when describing how AC units are rated, it is often much easier to look at the type of equipment used when designing an efficient AC unit. Even if you don't have extensive training in thermodynamics, there are a few components that you can learn to look for. 

Large Coils

An AC unit uses a set of evaporator coils inside your house  to absorb heat from and thus cool the air inside your home and a separate set of condenser coils outside of your house to expel absorbed heat into the outside air. The larger these coils are, the more efficiently the AC is able to cool the air in your home and expel heat into the outside air. Thus, large coils are the first component you should look for.

Multiple Compressors

The second thing that you should look for is more than one compressor. AC units use a compressor to push vaporized refrigerant to the condenser coils where the refrigerant condenses back to a liquid before traveling to the evaporator coils. If you only have one compressor, then the  AC unit will only be able to operate at one capacity—full capacity. If you have one large and one small compressor, your AC unit will have three capacities. When the demand for cooling is low, the smaller compressor will operate. As the demand for cooling increases, the AC can switch over to the larger compressor. And when it is necessary to run at full capacity, the AC unit can engage both compressors. By tuning the function of the unit to the demand for cooling, your AC unit can conserve energy during off-peak hours. 

Variable Speed Fan Motors

To further tune your AC's output to cooling demands, you should look for variable speed fan motors. A traditional AC unit will run at full capacity to cool your house down to a desired temperature, then shut off and wait for the temperature to rise to a preset limit before starting up again. This is similar to gunning your engine between stoplights—you use a lot of energy. An AC unit with a variable speed motor can run at reduced capacity for longer periods of time to help maintain the temperature inside your home, which can help to use less energy over the long run. 

By looking for at least the components described above as you review AC catalogs, you can make sure you locate a highly efficient AC unit for your home. If you have questions, or you have a hard time identifying what components the units you are looking at have, you should enlist the help of an HVAC specialist, such as from John Legg's Heating & Air Conditioning. 


1 August 2017

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