How To Clean A Condenser Fan


HVAC maintenance can be a little intimidating. Understandably, some homeowners are worried about working on the electric and gas powered appliances like the furnace and condenser. Of course, many jobs should only be handled by licensed and insured professionals. However, there are a few simple things that homeowners can do, even if they have no HVAC experience. This article explains one of the simplest ways to improve the functionality of your condenser unit:

What is the Condenser?

The condenser is the large appliance located on the outside of your house, which you probably refer to as the air conditioner. In actuality, the condenser is just one part of the air conditioning system. But, it is very important when it comes to the functionality and production of your heating and air conditioning.

Working on the Condenser Fan

There are many small things that can be fixed on a condenser unit. Making sure the fan is working properly is of the utmost importance. Working on the fan is simple, but you need to take precautions to make sure it is properly shut down before you do anything. First of all, make sure your thermostat is turned to the off position. Then, make sure the actual power to your condenser is cut off. Most condensers don't have a power switch, so you need to find the breaker. At this point, you can safely work on the fan without the risk of it starting up while you are working around the dangerous blades.

Removing the Bird Guard

In order to access the blades, you need to open up the condenser by removing the bird guard on the top. Most bird guards are only attached with a few screws that can be easily removed with a power drill.

Once this guard is removed, you just need to clean out the entire inside of the fan compartment. Along the bottom of the compartment, there could be dirt, dust, and leaves piled up. Vacuum these out using a shop vac. Make sure the connection to the output hose is also clear of any blockages. You should also clean off the fan blades to prevent any rusting or deterioration.

Basically, cleaning the fan and the entire compartment on a regular basis is a good idea. It can increase the functionality of your system and help prevent further problems with your condenser. In the end, it can definitely save you money.

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2 September 2017

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