Want To Experience More Cool Comfort This Summer? Do These 3 Things Now To Make Your A/C Work More Efficiently


While many people look forward to the clear blue skies, and sun-drenched days of the summer season, most want to also experience refreshingly cool temperatures inside their own home. But not all home air conditioning systems are up to this task. Homeowners are often surprised to learn that problems with air conditioning efficiency are not always the fault of the system components and may instead be caused by other issues inside the home. Homeowners who want to enjoy cool, comfortable homes this summer can start now by taking these simple steps to help their A/C system work more efficiently when summer arrives. 

Reduce Humidity Inside the Home

Since removing moisture from the air is a key element in the way an air conditioning system works, homes with high humidity problems can make the system work much harder than it should in order to produce cool air. Common sources of excess humidity in the home include: 

  • leaking water pipes or appliances
  • poor ventilation in areas of the home where water is used, such as the bathroom and kitchen
  • frequent cooking or home canning processes that release excess steam into the enclosed space of the home
  • uncorrected roof or foundation leaks 
  • hanging wet laundry inside the home to dry

Correcting these issues, and installing one or more dehumidifiers in problem areas, will take a load off your home's air conditioning system and allow it to cool your home more efficiently. 

Change window coverings to keep the interior of the home cooler in summer 

Having the wrong window coverings or none at all can allow excessive sunshine into the home, resulting in sharply rising interior temperatures and more work for your home's air conditioning system. Homeowners who struggle with adding heavy window coverings because of the loss of natural light may want to consider installing one of the new, heat reflective window films, instead. These are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and capable of reducing the amount of sunlight into the home so that your air conditioning system runs more efficiently. 

Service your air conditioning system before summer arrives

Since many of the same parts and components used by your air conditioner have been working hard for your furnace all winter, they can be suffering from excessive dirt or dust buildup or wear issues that keep them from performing efficiently. Taking the time to have your system serviced before the start of the summer cooling system will ensure that all parts and components are working properly and your system is able to work at peak efficiency levels.  


16 February 2018

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