Late Season Snowstorm? What This Means For Your Recent Air Conditioning Service


Oh, no! You just had your air conditioner serviced to make it ready for late spring/early summer heat, and now a late-season snowstorm! Yes, the weather in the Midwest is crazy, but snow in April is not uncommon at all. If you are wondering if the snowstorm has affected anything your HVAC technician just did, here are some words of comfort.

If Your A/C Unit Was Re-Covered

If your service technician replaced the tarp or plastic hood cover over your A/C after the recent air conditioning service, guess what? Your A/C is fine. It is as protected as it was before the service was provided.

Considering that most technicians look ahead to see what the weather will be like in this region of the country, there is an excellent chance that your technician saw the snow in the forecast. Then he/she would have the foresight to cover up your unit again. Check your unit outside. If it is covered, the snowstorm will not negate any of the services recently provided.

When the Unit Is Maintained, Late Season Snow Is No Big Deal

If you have kept up the maintenance on your A/C unit, late-season snow is not a big deal. Not even extreme cold is going to be a problem here. Everything your technician inspected, filled, updated, and repaired ensures that your unit is good to go, no matter what happens a week or two later. 

In fact, repairing parts in your A/C helps bolster the system's ability to resist nasty weather. You took advantage of a warmer day with no snow to get your unit ready for the next warm season. As such, you reap the benefits of a unit that does not and will not need more extensive repairs once this late season snow has ended and melted.

The Cold Components Are Fine Too

The best part of this situation is that the components in an air conditioner are completely unaffected. (If this were your furnace having maintenance or repairs this late in the year, that is an entirely different situation to worry about.) The refrigerant inside an A/C unit is far colder than anything Mother Nature can whip up. The evaporator works to warm and evaporate the liquid, so that part is fine, too. This is essentially a machine that is focused on creating cold air, so the cold and late season storm outside will not bother it in the least. 

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3 April 2018

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