Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips


Air conditioner maintenance is an important part of caring for your home. Improper maintenance can lead to severe performance issues that could compromise the comfort of your home. In order to avoid accidentally neglecting your air conditioning system, there are three key steps that should be followed.

Perform A Visual Inspection Of Your System

One of the most important things that you should do when it comes to your air conditioning system is to regularly perform a comprehensive visual inspection of it. This may not seem like it would be an important task, but it will give you a chance to notice a variety of potential problems with the system. For example, these inspections will give you a chance to catch corrosion, loose wires, and other potentially serious problems. Ideally, you should perform this inspection every couple of months and--while this may seem like a lot--it should only take a few minutes to complete.

Calibrate The Thermostat

Over time, the thermostat will start to become miscalibrated. This can lead to the system experiencing unusual performance issues, which may include the system turning off long before the desired temperature is reached or activating when it is not needed. It can be easy to assume that these problems will always indicate a severe problem with the system. If you notice that your system is exhibiting these behaviors, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions for calibrating the thermostat. In instances where this fails to correct the problems, you should have the system inspected by a professional air conditioning technician so that the underlying cause of the issues can be repaired.

Avoid Closing Off Sections Of The Home

Many homeowners will make the mistake of attempting to funnel more of the air conditioner's cold air to the portions of the home they are occupying. However, this can severely reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. This is particularly true if you close off the portion of the home where the thermostat is located. If you are wanting to boost the performance of your system, placing high-velocity fans around the home can help to achieve this as it will help to circulate the cool air coming from the vents. If you are still experiencing inadequate performance after this, you may need to look into upgrading your system. This will be a major expense, but it will allow you to more efficiently and effectively keep your home cool when it is extremely hot outside.


21 June 2018

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