How To Keep Your Commercial AC Alive During The Summer


During hot summer months, your business must make sure that the AC is working properly. Otherwise, you may find that your employees are not as productive and you may find your energy costs soaring through the roof. There are several things you can do everyday to make sure that your AC will last.

Use the Right Type of AC System

Make sure that you have the right type of AC for your business. If you are running a restaurant, you will have different AC needs than if you are running an office. For example, you may want a system where employees have the power to control how cool the temperature is in their particular area. There are some areas of your business that will require an AC with a greater cooling capacity than other areas. 

Don't Choose the Lowest Setting

Do not set your AC to the lowest setting. The lowest setting will not necessarily cool down your building faster. Also, it will place more strain on your AC and will increase the risk that it will wear out. You will see a higher utility bill not only by placing higher demands on your AC, but also because the AC may wear out and will then struggle to keep your building cool.

Don't Block the Condensing Unit

Make sure the condensing unit is always clear. Instruct employees to never place anything in front of the condensing unit. Otherwise, the AC unit will struggle to draw air in and effectively do its job. 

Take Care of Your AC

Replace your filters regularly. Some businesses replace their filters every month. You should replace your filters at least once every three months. Filters not only keep your air clean, but also affect the efficiency of your AC. When a filter becomes clogged with dirt and debris, it will strain to keep your building conditioned. Check your manufacturer's guidelines for advice on how to replace or clean your filters.

If your building has poor air quality, this could also be a sign of debris in the heat exchanger, and coils or ducts that might need to be cleaned. If you want your AC cleaned the right way, make sure to contact an HVAC professional.

Always hire a commercial AC contractor who can visit your building regularly to inspect the AC and make sure it is working properly. Choose a contractor who has experience working with new types of commercial AC equipment. Reach out to a company like Dale and Lee's Service Inc for more information. 


27 July 2018

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