Commercial Heating Tips For Small Business Owners


The responsibilities that come with managing a business can be immense. In addition to managing the daily tasks that are essential for your enterprise, you will also need to care for the needs of your business's building. The heating system is one of the most important systems in the building, but it is common for individuals to only give this system attention when it suffers a malfunction that prevents it from warming the building.

Appreciate a Zoned Heating System

Upgrading to a heating system that allows for zoning can provide your business with some important efficiency and comfort gains. Additionally, there may be areas of your building that you want to avoid warming. This may include storage areas or empty offices. A zoned heating system will allow you to easily activate or deactivate the heating for the various areas of the building so that you can tailor it to your current needs.

Add a Humidifier

A side effect of the heating process will be drying out the air that is circulating through the interior of the building. Extremely dry air can be irritating to the respiratory system while also potentially making some skin conditions worse. The addition of a humidifier will allow you to compensate for this side effect. While some individuals may only be aware of room-based humidifiers, there are many heating systems can have this feature built into them so that the air for the entire system can be efficiently humidified.

Have the Heating System Professionally Cleaned

While it is often possible for homes to go for years without having the heating system cleaned, this may not be advisable for commercial properties. The increased foot traffic and activity in the building can allow for large amounts of dust and allergens to accumulate in the heating system. This can lower the air quality, which may lead to comfort or health problems for workers and customers. A yearly professional cleaning by a commercial HVAC service will remove these substances from the heater and the ducts so that they will not be spread throughout the interior of your business.

Avoid Running the Heating System When the Business Is Closed

Running the heating system when the business is closed can be a major energy waste that many small business owners may be guilty of regularly committing. In addition to contributing the higher energy costs, this will also strain the heating system and shorten its lifespan. Some businesses may be located in buildings that are large enough that it can take hours to effectively warm. For these businesses, a programmable thermostat will allow for the heating system to activate a couple of hours before opening so that it will be comfortable by the time that your workers and customers arrive.


28 September 2018

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