3 Reasons You May Need A Masonry Contractor For Your Wood Heating Plan


Wood is an excellent fuel source for home heating, and a lot of homeowners decide to go with some kind of wood-burning stove or fireplace to heat their home. If this is a plan you have in mind, you may need a masonry contractor in addition to an HVAC contractor for the job. Check out some of the reasons you may need a masonry contractor for your wood heating plan in your home. 

If you plan to have a hearth installed for a wood-burning stove. 

Wood-burning stoves are an excellent source of heat in the home. However, the components around the wood stove, such as the walls and flooring, can be prone to damage due to overheating. You can pick up inexpensive hearth pads at just about any home improvement store. However, it is much more effective to have a stone hearth installed where the stove will sit, and this is something a masonry contractor would likely be needed for. A stone hearth is like a bed of stone or brick to support the wood stove and the wall behind it. 

If your home will need a chimney installed. 

Chimneys do not have to be anything impressive if the only exhaust you will need is a stove pipe, but most homeowners prefer to have a chimney installed on their home with stone or brick for aesthetic appeal. If your wood-burning stove installation is going to require a chimney, it is best to bring in a masonry contractor for the job. These skilled professionals can create elaborate stonework fireplaces that make an attractive addition to the exterior of your home. 

If you want stonework around your fireplace. 

Stonework around the fireplace opening in a home helps to protect the walls around the fireplace, but the stone also stores heat, so the heat generated from your stove is not lost once the fire goes out. There are all kinds of ways that stonework can be integrated around the firebox of a fireplace, and this can really highlight the area for design purposes just as much as it enhances the function of the burning system. A masonry contractor will work with you to design the perfect brick or stone layout for your fireplace and bring it to life with their experience and knowledge. 

Masonry and HVAC contractors often have to collaborate together when installing a wood heating plan in the home. Reach out to a masonry contractor for more advice about your wood heating plan and how they can help. 


26 February 2019

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