HVAC Unit Getting Older? 2 Tips To Help It Last Longer


If your HVAC unit is getting older, there are things you can do to help it last a little longer for you, two of which are listed below. New HVAC units can be expensive, so this will give you time to save money to buy a new unit and get it installed when it comes time to needing one.

Use a Better Filter

If you currently use the type of filter that you insert and then throw away and replace every month, there are better filters on the market. These filters are not only better for your HVAC unit but also much better for you and your family.

When shopping, look for filters that are labeled as high-efficiency. The filters are pleated, and each pleat has an electrostatic charge.

This charge grabs all particles that come through the air duct system and then through the HVAC unit. Many of these particles are full of bacteria and get into the air inside your home. This also reduces dust that gets inside your home, which results in less cleaning and also helps people that have allergies or other types of respiratory problems.

There are also high-efficiency filters that you can clean yourself instead of having to purchase a new filter every 30 days. These filters help your unit because less dust builds up inside the unit. This makes your HVAC unit run better.

Check Outside

Go outside, and look at your HVAC unit. If there is debris surrounding it, this debris gets inside the unit and onto the fan. This makes the fan work much harder to pull air into the unit. Things that can pile up include grass, leaves, twigs, and pollen.

The unit also must be level. Even if your unit sits on a concrete pad, over time the pad can sink into the ground and become unlevel because HVAC units are very heavy.

The reason why it is so important for the unit to be level is because of the condenser. The condenser pump has oil that travels along with the cooling fluid. This oil keeps your HVAC unit lubricated, which is important for the unit to run correctly.

This lubrication also prevents problems with other internal components. The oil and coolant will separate from each other, and if this happens, oil will build up inside the condenser coil causing more problems.

All of this will result in the condenser shutting down, and the pump will burn out, which will, in turn, cause your HVAC unit to shut down and stop working. Check for this levelness at least once per year.

One of the best things you can do is to hire a heating maintenance service such as Summit Heating and Air Conditioning to maintain your unit at least once per year.


12 April 2019

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