Understanding The Cost And Savings Involved With New Air Conditioning Installation


If your air conditioner is over a decade old and its performance is declining, it's probably time to think about having a new air conditioning system installed. The time to start planning is before your system breaks down. By starting early, you can examine your options and plan the installation for a time when it fits your budget and schedule. Here are some things you may want to think about concerning air conditioning installation cost and savings.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Your New AC

Size plays a role in how much your new air conditioner will cost, but size is something you can't really play around with to save money. The AC has to be just the right size for your house or it won't operate efficiently, and you may have a lot of problems with it. An HVAC contractor can help you size your air conditioner based on a number of factors that go beyond the square footage of your house. For instance, if you have several windows that allow solar heating or if your insulation isn't ideal, the contractor may take those things into consideration when helping you select the right size for your new AC.

Another thing that affects the cost of your new AC is what all you need to replace. An air conditioning system usually consists of an outdoor condenser, an indoor air handler, ducts, and a thermostat. If you need to replace all of these parts, you'll pay more than if you just need to replace the outdoor condenser. Also, if you need to move the condenser for some reason, you will require a new slab to be installed and moving of the lines that connect to the air handler, and that will increase costs too.

The degree of energy efficiency can affect the cost of your new AC. You'll need to determine your budget and then choose the best energy-efficiency you can afford. Added features can add to the cost as well. For instance, you can have an air purifier installed on the air handler indoors to improve air quality in your home, and that will add to the cost.

Ways To Save Money On A New AC Installation

You don't want to sacrifice quality, size, or energy-efficiency when you buy a new air conditioning system. One thing you'll want to consider is that paying more initially for a quality air conditioner could help you save money over the next decade in operating costs and repairs. Still, you might save money on your new installation by watching for specials during the off-season for air conditioning installation companies. For instance, having a new AC put in during the winter might save money over having one put in in the summer when AC contractors are the busiest.

You can also look for rebates that might apply when you buy an energy-efficient air conditioner. In addition, make sure the unit you buy comes with a good warranty so you can save money in case your unit needs repairs. Also, once you've bought your new air conditioner and had it installed, talk to your HVAC technician about scheduling regular maintenance. By signing a maintenance contract for your new AC, it will be cleaned and serviced regularly. Although you pay for the maintenance, service calls can save a lot of money by preventing breakdowns due to dirty equipment or worn parts that could have been taken care of with a routine service call.


1 August 2019

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