New HVAC Installation: Heat Pump Essentials


With summer temperatures dropping and leaving the fall chill behind, many homeowners are starting to reconsider their home heating and cooling options. If you were ready to install a new system before last winter, now's the time to take some action. Here's a look at what you should know about whether or not you should opt for a heat pump installation for your home.

Can A Heat Pump Work Even After Freezing?

When you talk with your HVAC installation technician about the viability of a heat pump, you might wonder if you can even use one in an area where the temperatures drop below freezing. The truth is that heat pumps do work in below-freezing temperatures, but you'll want to be attentive to how long the average temperatures are that cold. 

Even when temperatures drop below freezing, there's still heat to draw out of the soil and the air. That means that your heat pump will still be effective. However, if you live in an area where the temperatures stay below freezing for most of the winter months, you may find that your heat pump can't draw as much heat.

In those situations, you'll want to talk with your HVAC installation technician about installing a backup heating system that you can use when your heat pump is struggling to keep up. The better prepared you are, the warmer your home will be this winter.

Can You Install The Air Intake Safely?

One key factor to consider when you're talking to your HVAC installation contractor is where the air intake will be installed for the heat pump. Remember that your heat pump needs a consistent source of clean air for it to function correctly. Ask your installation technician if they have a plan for installing the intake somewhere that will keep it clear and free of debris, snow accumulation, and other issues. 

Sometimes that means installing the air intake beneath some form of shelter. Just make sure that the shelter extends far enough beyond the intake that it won't struggle with snow accumulation. Keep the area as clear as possible, including eliminating falling leaves and other similar debris and issues. Sweep the area completely on a regular basis, and make sure to include it in your snow removal routine as well.

The more you understand about heat pump installation and operation, the easier it is to see if it is right for you. Contact local HVAC installation services for more information.


10 September 2019

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