Reduce AC Energy Usage Without Spending Any Money


You don't have to replace your air conditioner (AC) or install expensive gadgets to lower your cooling energy. Here are a few free tips to help you lower your AC's energy consumption.

Use Your Smart Thermostat

Many people have installed programmable or smart thermostats, but they fail to use them properly. If you have a smart thermostat, use all of its functionalities to maximize energy efficiency. For example, you should program your thermostat and check on it while you are away from home to confirm that the right program is in use. What if someone adjusts the thermostat incorrectly in your absence? Another example is if you fail to return home without planning, you should adjust the thermostat accordingly (if there is no one else at home).

Clean the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor AC unit is exposed to all manner of debris. Dirt and windblown debris, such as tree leaves, can clog the unit. If this happens, the debris insulates the unit from the outside air, which hinders heat exchange. The AC then has to work extra hard to cool your house as usual, consuming more energy in the process. Therefore, keeping the unit clean is a good way to maximize energy efficiency. Just make sure you are gentle with the cleaning so that you don't damage the delicate fins of the condenser.

Maintain Clearance around the Outdoor Unit

Proper air circulation is central to the efficient operations of the condenser. You need air to circulate around the condenser unit so that the air can pick up and discard heat from the coils, thereby cooling the refrigerant before it is pumped back into the house. Bushes or structures too close to the condenser unit can interfere with the necessary air circulation. Therefore, take care of your landscaping to facilitate good air circulation

Set the Right Temperature

Your body may not be sensitive to a one-degree temperature difference in the thermostat, but your AC will notice it. Therefore, don't set your thermostat unnecessarily low. Some people think that setting the temperature low accelerates the cooling process, but that is not the case, your AC cools at the same rate irrespective of the temperature setting. Setting a low temperature only keeps the AC running for longer.

Close the Windows

Lastly, you can also reduce AC energy consumption by closing the windows, doors, and blinds. This is especially necessary during the day when sunlight can heat up your home. The additional heat from outside will keep your AC running for a longer time and increase energy consumption.

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15 November 2019

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