Problems A Commercial Furnace Repair Contractor Can Address For Property Owners


To keep your commercial building warm during the colder months, you need a furnace that is working optimally. Sometimes, though, it will break down and warrant help from a commercial furnace repair contractor. They can address the following issues safely and effectively. 

Malfunctioning Burner

The burner is one of the more important components of your furnace because it heats the air that is delivered throughout your commercial building. Anytime this burner is not working correctly, you should immediately contact a commercial furnace repair contractor.

The furnace has to be opened up, and that's not something just the average property owner can do. Once the contractor gains access to the burner, they'll perform diagnostic tests. The problem could be too much dirt that has accumulated, or the burner may just be too old to work well anymore. In this case, they can replace this component right then and there.

Faulty Thermostat

Sometimes, nothing is wrong with your commercial building's furnace, but instead, the issue is the thermostat. It may be not have been wired correctly when it was set up, or one of the fuses may have blown.

You need help from a commercial furnace repair contractor for thermostat issues because there is electricity involved. One wrong move could result in severe injury. A contractor will follow the right safety protocol and use special equipment to minimize injuries like shocks. The contractor will test various components of the thermostat to see where the problem is. If the thermostat can't be repaired, though, they can replace it. 

Dirty Ducts

Sometimes you may fail to change the air filter at the appropriate times, and this can cause dirt and debris to accumulate in your ducts. This causes your furnace to work a lot harder, which is not ideal from a longevity standpoint. 

In this case, you need to hire a commercial furnace repair contractor. They'll clean the inside of your ducts with a specialty vacuum. It will alleviate everything that has collected on the interior portions of your ducts. Then, they'll conduct some airflow tests to make sure your building is getting the right amount of warm air.

Commercial buildings rely on furnaces to stay warm during the winter. Any time you run into a complicated issue with this system, just hire a commercial furnace repair contractor.  They'll inspect your unit and come up with a sustainable repair, letting you get warm air effectively again. 

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11 February 2020

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