5 Reasons To Buy A New Furnace


Appliance replacement bills aren't as much fun as, say, a new hot tub. However, an appliance such as a furnace is going to be far more useful than a hot tub in the dead of winter. An ideal situation would be to set aside money on a regular basis so you can easily purchase a new furnace when the time comes. Keep reading to find out if that time is now.

1. Your Furnace is Old

The average lifespan for a furnace is 15 to 20 years. Your furnace might last longer, especially if you've kept up with the maintenance. However, frequent repairs could mean it's reached the end of its life. Money.com recommends you replace your furnace if it's in the last quarter of its life and the repairs will cost more than a third of the replacement cost.

2. You're Worried about the Safety of Your Furnace

In the same vein, old furnaces can be dangerous because their parts start breaking down. For example, if some corrosion occurs along the gas line, it can develop a leak. The leak might make you and your family sick or even cause an explosion. The bigger danger is that old gas furnaces might leak carbon monoxide, which can have deadly consequences in your home.

3. You Have High Heating Bills

Older furnaces don't run efficiently. They take more energy than they used to just to provide the same level of heating. What's more, they never were as energy efficient as the modern models are now. Any new furnace should help lower your heating bills. However, you can also choose a model that has energy efficiency features such as a modulating valve which controls heat level output.

4. Your Furnace is Heating Unevenly

Similarly, your furnace can run overtime and fail to heat your home to the levels it used to. If parts such as the blower motor start going out, the furnace may heat your home unevenly. The blower motor is responsible for pushing air past the heating element and throughout your house. So, if it's starting to weaken, you get an uneven transfer of heat throughout your rooms.

5. You Don't Want an Emergency Repair Bill

When the weather is cold, the heater must be functioning to provide heat for your home. When a heater fails in cold weather, you have to call for emergency repair. First of all, it's often hard to secure an appointment in bad weather since many people are experiencing heater failure. Secondly, emergency repairs are often expensive. You're better off facing a replacement bill head on.

Consider the purchase of a new furnace heating installation if you fall into the above situations.


24 April 2020

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