Common Reasons Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair


Air conditioners can be both lifesavers and huge hassles. On the one hand, if they are working well, they will keep your house relatively cool during the summer months. On the other, air conditioning units that work hard and are not maintained well will have problems. There are many different ways that an air conditioning system can malfunction. If you are seeking a consultation for air conditioning repair, you may want to attempt to diagnose the problem in order to give your technician some hints. Here are a few common symptoms that could indicate a problem.

The Fan Doesn't Turn On

Without a working fan, you will not get any cool air moving into your home. If the fan won't work, it could be something simple like someone having switched the thermostat by bumping into it. Make sure to check the system thoroughly before you call for help, in order to avoid this awkward situation. If your system is working hard, but no air is being blown into your home, you may have a damaged motor that will need to be replaced. 

The Outdoor Unit Will Not Turn On

One of the most common reasons the outdoor unit will not turn on is because it has overpowered your system and has tripped the breaker. This can be resolved quickly, but if it continues to happen, you may need to upgrade your electrical. Installing a higher amp circuit breaker may offer the power needed to get the unit going.

You Feel Warm Air Coming Out of the Vents

If the air coming out of your AC feels warm, you may have a problem. This could be the result of improper AC maintenance, with the coils in the outdoor unit getting bogged down and not doing their job correctly. Another possible solution is that the vent in your system has become extremely bogged down and needs to be changed. If neither of these solutions fixes the problem, you need a professional.

Your Air Conditioner Is Extremely Loud

If the air conditioner is working fine but people are complaining about the sound, you need to talk to a professional. You could have a unit that is too large for your home, or there could be something inside it making it loud.

In conclusion, air conditioning is a complicated system. While many assume that the problem is with the actual air conditioner outside, much of the time it can be found in minute details of the system. Talk to an air conditioning repair company near you to get help.


28 May 2020

what could possibly be wrong with your air conditioning system

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