Mold And Mildew Guide To Deal With Problems That Start At Mechanical Systems


The problems with mold in your home are often due to issues with your mechanical system. The mold may start with mildew around ductwork and plumbing. One of the common areas where these issues start is HVAC ductwork. The following guide will help you deal with mildew and mold that starts at the mechanical systems:

Inspecting for Plumbing Leaks That Cause Mildew

The plumbing is where you will want to begin with looking for issues with mold. There are a lot of problems with pipes that can start in winter and lead to mildew and mold. Some of the areas of your plumbing where you want to look out for these problems include:

  • Leaks and moisture in the bathroom
  • Problems with leaks beneath the foundation
  • Issues with kitchen plumbing leaks causing mildew

The issues with plumbing are problems you should be conscious of all year, but you want to be more observant after cold weather.

Dealing with Mildew Due to Water Heaters and Boilers

The water heater is another system you will need to inspect for moisture problems. To catch these problems, you want to make sure to do annual maintenance and inspections. Sometimes, the mildew issues have already started and will need to be addressed before mold starts to spread. Some things that can be done to deal with the mildew include:

  • Ventilating the utility room or area to dry up moisture
  • Removing materials damaged by water heater leaks
  • Cleaning up the mildew

The issues with water heaters and boilers often lead to mold due to the moisture problems that go unseen. Therefore, you will probably need help cleaning up severe mold damage after the mechanical problem has been repaired.

HVAC Ductwork Issues That Can Lead to Mold Problems  

The HVAC ductwork is also a place where severe mold and mildew problems start. These issues can be due to the ducts, or they can start outside with the condensing unit. Some of the issues with your HVAC that may cause mold and mildew problems include:

  • Moisture causing mildew in the condensing unit
  • Damaged ducts and water damage
  • Issues with condensation forming inside or outside of ductwork

The issues with HVAC ductwork are often problems that start when there is damage to the insulation. Therefore, you will want to have these issues dealt with before switching from heating to cooling for the summer.

The problems with mold and mildew are often minor issues, but they can also cause severe damage to your home. Therefore, you want to call a local mold removal service to help deal with these issues when you think there is a problem.


31 March 2021

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