Safety, First! Heating Appliance Condition Issues That Can Make Them Dangerous To Use


Home heating appliances come in many sizes and types, including furnaces, space heaters, circulating heaters, boilers, and more. But no matter what type of fuel or power they require or how they are designed to operate, they share a common trait — the ability to become dangerous to operate when certain conditions or factors apply. If you have one or more heating appliances in your home that cause you concern due to condition or even age, here are some tips to help you recognize indications that they may no longer be safe to use.

7 December 2018

4 Heating Maintenance Tips To Help Keep You Warm And Reduce Winter Repair Costs


Over the winter months, you are relying on your furnace to keep your home comfortably warm. When it is not working efficiently, wear can lead to costly repairs and other problems in your home. Good maintenance routines can help keep your furnace working efficiently and prevent costly repairs. Here are some heating maintenance tips to help you stay warm and prevent those costly repairs: 1. Routine Servicing and Cleaning the Furnace in Early Fall

5 November 2018

Commercial Heating Tips For Small Business Owners


The responsibilities that come with managing a business can be immense. In addition to managing the daily tasks that are essential for your enterprise, you will also need to care for the needs of your business's building. The heating system is one of the most important systems in the building, but it is common for individuals to only give this system attention when it suffers a malfunction that prevents it from warming the building.

28 September 2018

Installing A Furnace? What To Know When Deciding Between Gas And Oil Fuel Sources


If you are getting ready to put a furnace in your home, you may be wondering what fuel source you should use to power it. Since electric heat can become quite expensive, you may be weighing your options between gas or oil. Here is what you need to know about these two fuel sources to make an informed decision. Pros and Cons of Heating Oil Furnaces A furnace powered by heating oil will use a fuel that has a resemblance to the diesel fuel that you put in a truck.

29 August 2018

How To Keep Your Commercial AC Alive During The Summer


During hot summer months, your business must make sure that the AC is working properly. Otherwise, you may find that your employees are not as productive and you may find your energy costs soaring through the roof. There are several things you can do everyday to make sure that your AC will last. Use the Right Type of AC System Make sure that you have the right type of AC for your business.

27 July 2018

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips


Air conditioner maintenance is an important part of caring for your home. Improper maintenance can lead to severe performance issues that could compromise the comfort of your home. In order to avoid accidentally neglecting your air conditioning system, there are three key steps that should be followed. Perform A Visual Inspection Of Your System One of the most important things that you should do when it comes to your air conditioning system is to regularly perform a comprehensive visual inspection of it.

21 June 2018

Home-Cooling Tips To Keep Your Air Conditioner Working Well And Yourself Comfortable


When summer is approaching you will want to make sure your home's air conditioner is in tip-top shape and ready to work hard to keep you cool all season. And when you live in a hot climate year-round, maintaining your air conditioner all year is essential. Here are some tips to help you avoid overheating this summer and keep your air conditioner running efficiently. Hire a HVAC Professional When your air conditioner is not working or broken, you will want to have a professional come to repair it as soon as possible, especially when the temperature outside is on the rise.

15 May 2018

Late Season Snowstorm? What This Means For Your Recent Air Conditioning Service


Oh, no! You just had your air conditioner serviced to make it ready for late spring/early summer heat, and now a late-season snowstorm! Yes, the weather in the Midwest is crazy, but snow in April is not uncommon at all. If you are wondering if the snowstorm has affected anything your HVAC technician just did, here are some words of comfort. If Your A/C Unit Was Re-Covered If your service technician replaced the tarp or plastic hood cover over your A/C after the recent air conditioning service, guess what?

3 April 2018

Want To Experience More Cool Comfort This Summer? Do These 3 Things Now To Make Your A/C Work More Efficiently


While many people look forward to the clear blue skies, and sun-drenched days of the summer season, most want to also experience refreshingly cool temperatures inside their own home. But not all home air conditioning systems are up to this task. Homeowners are often surprised to learn that problems with air conditioning efficiency are not always the fault of the system components and may instead be caused by other issues inside the home.

16 February 2018

3 Problems That Could Cause Your Furnace To Short Cycle


Have you noticed your furnace starting up and shutting down repeatedly over a span of a few brief minutes? Your furnace is likely short cycling - a problem that usually results in serious damage and a shortened lifespan for your furnace if left unchecked. Short cycling furnaces also consume large amounts of energy, resulting in higher-than-average utility bills. The following takes a look at the three most common causes of short cycling and what you can do to correct those issues.

4 January 2018